Sacred drums

Shamanic Drums
Each drum here is a unique piece made by Nicolas Reznikoff.
They are Sacred Drums.
The sacred dimension begins from the meeting of the elements necessary for the manufacture, at the beginning of the creation of the instrument. To respect this, the elements for its manufacture are chosen to be as close as possible to Nature, Mother Earth and living things, so the transformation of the components and the material used cannot come from any industry (no machines, no machine saw, no polygonal cutting for the circle, no industry chemicals, no metal).

Animal and Environment
In order to respect the environment, Nature and animals, we remain in the tradition of Northern Europe, Siberia and North America. The wood will be cedar, the animal skin of the Deer. The animal is from free range breeding. In the spirit of the making, I ask the animal for forgiveness, and nothing should be wasted.

Unique drum
Then, the materials are then processed only by hand.
Each drum is unique, especially since it is you who will animate it, from a totem animal or the Spirit of your choice. Thus the resonance and the vibratory rate will be personalized and unique.
To go further, it is also possible to accompany you in the manufacture of the drum by yourself. Drum making courses are organized for this. These courses are generally given in collaboration for spiritual support. If you are interested, you can get in touch directly through the site here.

To play
The instrument is played with a drum mallet, a kind of stick with a pad. The care taken in the construction of the drums also guarantees the musical capacity of the instrument. How much even it can be played more finely with the fingers. Listen to different examples of sounds played on drums made by Atelier Algaem

Maintenance and use shamanic drum from Atelier Algæm