Natural Shaman Drum Algiz-Eolh 41cm (16.14″)

Premium natural shamanic drum, about 40cm (18.11″).
– Traditional Siberian manufacturing
– The handle is made of old yew wood, driftwood.
– Shamanic Ritual Item
– High resonance instrument
– Excellent guaranteed vibratory rate.
– Unique ethnological piece
– Sold with mallet

Noble and exclusively natural materials: Oak wood, gorse wood, deer skin, wooden sequoia mallet (picked up on the ground).





The name of this rune was Eolh “elk” (the animal).
It is a rune of positive defense and security. It represents positive humanity towards divinity through the connection of spirit. Algiz encourages you to work with yourself to achieve your dreams.
Algiz also indicates the beneficial influence of new emotions.

Creation Atelier Algaem

Manufacturing on ethnological bases Siberian tradition and North America.
Noble and exclusively natural materials: Oak wood and deer skin, redwood mallet (picked up from the ground)..

The natural materials commitment: No industrial materials, no metal, no chemical treatment products, no machine-cut wood. The skin comes from an animal raised with respect, in semi-freedom and wild life.

Musical resonance approved for professional music.

– High vibratory rate.
The shamanic drum will be your indispensable companion, it will facilitate journeys to spiritual dimensions, it will also support your own inspirations and inner dimensions.

Sending sound recordings on request.

With joy !
Note: I also do repairs for other traditional shamanic drums

Additional information

Dimensions 400 × 100 mm
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Tambour vendu avec mailloche / Drum whith mallet

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