Shamanic DrumChamanique, 46cm (18,11″) – Auringonsäde

Päivänseisauksen Auringonsäde Sōwilō Sól
High end shamanic drum, approx. 46cm (18.11 “). Unique piece of art
This drum symbolizes a ray of Solar light, and mainly that of the solstices. Thus, cycles of seasons, it relates to the rhythm of time.

Symbolic motif (Solstice ray of the solar star). Symbolizes both the ray of light and the ray of the Solstice oppositions.

Native American or Siberian tradition manufacturing, noble and exclusively natural materials: Cedar wood and deer skin.

This drum has good musical resonance.
Our drums are also approved for professional music.

Sold with mallet + padded and waterproof protective cover.
Enjoy !

(Expo model)

Expo model


– The natural materials commitment: No industrial materials, no metal, no chemical treatment products. The skin comes from an animal raised with respect, in semi-freedom and wild life.

Built exclusively from materials from Nature, It is she herself by her material that infuses the source of inspiration, by her Spirit.
This principle of making Nature speak for inspiration is a guarantee at the same time of result, power and neutrality, ensuring spiritual harmony.
Harmony of natural vibrations, facilitating spiritualities near shamanism, research and of course well-being.

Awaiting adoption, this drum is waiting for you to initiate it, to animate it, and shin.

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Dimensions 460 × 100 mm
Options :

Tambour et mailloche / Drum and mallet