Large Shamanic Drum, 63cm (25 “) – Sacred Fusion

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– This large drum of approx. 53 cm (25 “).
It symbolizes the Sacred Fusion. Act inherited from the wild nature, its strength allows to perpetuate Life through time.
If you accept to adopt this drum, it will be able to help you to connect with Nature and with its force of Earth Life, this force which has perpetuated Life through cosmic times.

Traditional North European, Siberian or North Indian manufacturing.
Local, noble and natural materials: Cedar wood and deer skin, organic oil from linseed and olive.

(Expo model)


Made exclusively by natural products: No wood cut or adjusted with a machine saw, no materials from industry or use of chemicals.

With its large size, this drum is a high quality musical instrument, it gives a particularly deep and serious sound. We can be played with a mallet or with the fingers, like zarbe (tombak) or bendir style.

You will be the first to acquire it, so you can be able to baptize your drum, a name or totem with the Spirit of your wishes, by the force of connection that the Sacred Fusion can give.

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Dimensions 460 × 100 mm

Tambour / Drum, Tambour +Housse / Drum +Bag