Natural shamanic Drum appr. 50cm (19″) – Elämän puu

New !
Unique piece, high quality shamanic drum, approx. 50cm (19.11 “). Elämän puu.
Indian or Siberian tradition.
Noble and exclusively natural materials: Cedar wood and deer skin, mallet drum of sequoia wood (collected from the ground).

– The natural materials commitment: No industrial materials, no metal, no chemical treatment products. The skin comes from an animal raised with respect, in semi-freedom and wild Life.

Sold with mallet + padded and rainproof protective cover.

(Expo model)

Expo model


The weave of the lacing is directly inspired by the weaving of the snowshoes used by the Inuit and other ancestral Nordic or Siberian tributes.

This drum has a deep musical resonance.
Our drums are also approved for professional music.

– The drum, welcome your soul, in divine essence, not only through the spirit of the animal, but also according to your vibratory signature.

Additional information

Dimensions 500 × 100 mm
Options :

Tambour +Housse / Drum +Bag cover