General conditions of sale

Artist gallery

First of all, the Algaem Atelier site is not a sales site, even if, by way of exception, certain works of art or creations may be offered for private acquisition, exchange or donation.
It is above all a gallery site, an exhibition of artistic works and spiritual inspiration created by Nicolas Reznikoff.

As these are unique works made by the artist, there is of course no stock.
It is possibly possible to place a special artistic order by making a private request by email.

The photographs of the gallery are dice more faithful possible but cannot ensure a perfect similarity with the product, in particular with regard to the colors, the scale and especially the reflections and the surrounding light. Depending on the product, the dimensions and weight are indicated as much as possible in the detailed characteristics paragraph of the article.

The prices shown are in euros excluding VAT. The activity of the artist being occasional and private, and reduced in terms of figures, the occasional private sale is tax-free, subject to article 293-B-III of the General Tax Code. Otherwise, the prices would be increased by a 5.5% VAT tax, applicable to Sales of an original work by the artisan author and artist.

Any request is probably possible, finally within a certain time, please contact the artist by email.

Barring exceptions, there is no physical visit or removal of objects from the workshop, they can be shipped.

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