Legal Notice, Author Property and Copyright

Object of

Algæm Atelier is a private and individual artistic workshop, linked to the artistic activity of the Artist.

Algæm Atelier and the website aims to present art objects in the form of a gallery, the fruit of personal, creative, experimental, individual and spiritual artistic research. It is not a company or a business, the site has no commercial vocation, but the exhibition of various works and texts in the form of a gallery.

The Artist Activity

– Creation, exhibition of works and unique artistic objects an others object, ornaments, jewels, sculptures, various clever articles, painting, art mechanics, etc.
– Publications & photography
– Creator of objects made by hand.

The site

– Relay the activity of the Artist
– The publication of various articles, “tips and tricks”, ecological or well-being ,.
– Possibly the sale of personal creations on the site or various objects mentioned in the activity.
– Publications & information.

The speciality

Creation of ornaments made of natural materials, enhancement of Nature – Meditation Support – Spiritual Support – Decoration and Well-being.

Services of site

As much as possible, this site is normally accessible to users at any time. An interruption due to technical or functional maintenance may however be decided. The Algaem site is alive, it can be modified at any time.

Photographs and Articles of Objects

The photographs of works, articles and goods are not contractual. In spite of the restitution, Algæm can not be held responsible for the small differences of nuances, colors or dimensions in the photos.

In addition, interactive spaces such as comments or the blog, also sometimes offer visitors the opportunity to ask questions and to have information.


Head of publications: Kooalia – Nicolas Reznikoff
Teaching / Workshop / Sign: Algaem
Declinations / Declensions: Algæm, Algaem, L’Atelier Algaem, Algaem Studio
Slogans: Temps de Vie. Pierre de Vie. Living Stones. Pierres Vives. Life Time. Bright Stones.
Artist Name: Kooalia
Workshop address: 56 Rue de la Mutualité 92160 Antony – France
Responsible for publication: The artist

Contacts email address:

Copyright, Intellectual Property, Copyright

Kooalia, Nicolas Reznikoff as creator, author and designer-maker of his works of art and object, he owns the copyrights, intellectual property and uses on all material elements or accessible on the site, according to:
– The provisions of Articles L111-1 and following, Articles L.335-2 and following, relating to the Code of Intellectual Property, Literary and Artistic
– As well as article 27, paragraph 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Use of photos and media: Use photos and medias from the site is permitted, but subject to the mention “credit Algaem”.

Contact artiste : Information contact in contact page.


For joy and happiness

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