Shamanic Drum, 18,11″ (46cm) – Meri-puu

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Creation Algaem Atelier,
Premium Shamanic Drum, approx. 46cm (18.11 “)
Indian or Siberian tradition, noble and natural materials: Cedar wood and deer skin.
Exclusively natural materials.

Drum approved by professional musicians and shamans at heart.
Sold with mallet. Option: Padded and waterproof protective cover.



The drum, welcomes your soul in divine essence, not only through the spirit of the animal, but also based on your personal vibratory signature.

– The natural materials commitment: No industrial materials, no metal, no chemical treatment products. The skin comes from an animal raised with respect, in semi-freedom and wild life.

Sound tests (without audio filter) to listen to with a good headphone or hi-fi sound system.

Additional information

Dimensions 460 × 100 mm

Tambour / Drum, Tambour +Housse / Drum +Bag