Next Drum Making course

I offer you, in collaboration with “Sacred Triangle”:
A internship of approach and accompaniment to Shamanism, by making your drum by yourself.
– From Friday 24 March afternoon to Sunday 26 March 2023 afternoon.
To remain a small group, places are limited. Register on the site here.

In Morbihan Lorient, (access by TGV from Paris and France).

* * *

Studio Art – Sculpture & Lutherie

Making of musical instruments – Various sculptures
Manufacture of Drums, Lyres, Jewelry and Shamanic objects.  .
Sound therapy – Animation of manufacturing workshops atelier – Art Therapy.

Nature influences our mood and our well-being, moreover it is the Mother of all that lives. It can be felt as a kind of positive energy. Reconnecting to it is Vital. My objects are intended to facilitate and channel this reconnection in the right direction.

Tambour Chamanique

Energy of stones and matter from the Living.

Energy of stones s from the living
The fossils stones bear the imprint of a intense creative energy, beneficial and easily perceptible if you have the heart and the mind.

Why ‽
A few million years ago, the living world was allied to time by turning into stones. This allowed him to travel through the ages on a cosmic and planetary scale, as well as today, and surely well after.

These living beings fossilized its carrier of a very distant time, when the life was in full expansion, on a current of evolution and an impetus of durability.

The fossils come from the French seabed, they are not extracted by degradation of any rock or eroded cliffs.

Beyond the artistic aspect and the nobility of the pieces, it is a good reason to wear these natural stones, proposed here in creations by L’Atelier Algaem.

Projet weft 2018-2022.
Inspiration, balance, emotion, creativity, happiness.
Вдохновение, равновесие, эмоции, творчество, счастье.

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