Studio Art – Sculpture & Lutherie

Making of musical instruments – Various sculptures
Manufacture of Drums, Lyres, Jewelry and Shamanic objects.  .
Sound therapy – Animation of manufacturing workshops atelier – Art Therapy.

Nature influences our humor and well-being. This can be felt as a kind of positive energy.

Tambour Chamanique

Energy of stones and matter from the Living.

Energy of stones s from the living
The fossils stones bear the imprint of a intense creative energy, beneficial and easily perceptible if you have the heart and the mind.

Why ‽
A few million years ago, the living world was allied to time by turning into stones. This allowed him to travel through the ages on a cosmic and planetary scale, as well as today, and surely well after.

These living beings fossilized its carrier of a very distant time, when the life was in full expansion, on a current of evolution and an impetus of durability.

Beyond the artistic aspect and the nobility of the pieces, it is a good reason to wear these natural stones, proposed here in creations by L’Atelier Algaem.

Projet weft 2018-10.
Inspiration, balance, emotion, creativity, happiness.
Вдохновение, равновесие, эмоции, творчество, счастье.