Custom Shamanic Drum, by the theme of your choice – From 40cm to 51cm

Custom, personalized drum
Order your drum according to your choice and your inspiration. Choose the theme pattern.
The theme or symbolism of the drum is expressed primarily through the pattern and materials of the lacing.
Contact me by email or phone to define your choice together: com

You can take an example from the drum photos on the site which can be a good source of inspiration.

(Expo model)



Your drum will have a guaranteed deep musical resonance.
Our drums are also approved for professional music.

Your drum will welcome your soul, into divine essence, according to your vibrational signature.

– Unique piece, high-end shamanic drum.
– Depending on your choice when ordering; size between approximately from diameter 41cm to 51cm.
– Manufacturing according to the Siberian or North American tradition.
– Noble and exclusively natural materials: Cedar wood and deer skin, wooden mallet (picked up on the ground).
– The natural commitment: No industrial materials, no metal, no chemical treatment products. The skin comes from an animal raised with respect, in semi-freedom and wild life. No machine tool, no machine cutting of wood, etc.

Accompanied by his mallet.

Additional information

Dimensions 450 × 100 mm
Options :

Tambour + mailloche