Fossil Renaissance

Some of you asked me: How are the pieces in raw state, before the creation work?– Most often the prehistoric fossils are amalgamated, nested between them, in blocks of strata and rocks more or less hard, sometimes it is very difficult to take off or undecollable.
Sometimes miraculously it is already isolated but it is rare. Then can start creative work and enhancement, usually with diamond-sized tools.

Note that: in my work of enhancement, nothing is broken or damaged. Out of respect for this piece from the Life of another time (about 160 000 000 years). These pieces are of enormous value for me, both spiritual and symbolic, so in any case I would take the risk of exploding an amalgam of fossils interspersed in stratum, to recover at any price a piece. If there is a risk of damaging something I give up before breaking or damaging anything.

Some pictures below crude rushes of fossils, before selection, extraction and work of the pieces.

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