Chlorophytum shoot (air-filtering plants)

Improve the indoor air quality of your home with Chlorophytum
One of the most depolluting plants.

Live plant, sold in stolon  about 7 to 15 cm.
Easy to maintain, fast growth. She will make you small white and yellow flowers, and especially babies in the form of stolons (beware, babies are appreciated by cats).

Chlorophytum Polystachys, Original variety with green leaves. Horticulture : France
Shipping EU+ only, in special packaging. Shipping costs EU 2.50 €.

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Other names: Spider Plant, Phalangere, Comosum  Vittatum,  Chlorophytum Polystachys.

Growth: Very fast when conditions are right.
Brightness: intense to weak, without much direct sun
Watering: frequent and in large quantities, the root ball must always be wet.
Places of life: Kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, workshop, outside (but fear frost).
Tray size: Whatever the size of the pot, without being invasive, the pot surface will be properly and quickly covered.

The trimming of a pot or a jadiniere with other plants is conceivable: If the size of the pot is reasonable, this plant adapts very well with other plants in the same pot, while bringing the freshness to the pot surface.“The soup of chemical pollutant being classically in houses”.

Note: Research on the filtering properties of plants has recently been controversial by some lobby groups, from the science and business sectors, and the pharmaceutical industry. This is manifested by the publicatin of contradictory articles, for example by: Springer Science + Business Media, then also by questionable modifications found on Wikipedia.

Our houses have become hermetic. In addition to increasing the composition of industrial materials, for technical reasons we limit the direct air exchange with the outside, which has the effect of increasing the concentration of toxic substances inside the habitat. All studies show today that indoor air is much more polluted than outdoor air, simply because it comes from the outside base, to which is added the confinement of many domestic toxic substances.

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Origin of toxic
Pathological disorders and symptoms noted
Decontamination of ambient air by plants
Main toxic pollutants absorbed and cleaned up by the Chlorophytum plant
Condition of life of the Chlorophytum plant
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