Fossils in Jewelry – FAQ Algæm

By their seniority in more than hundred million years, values related to the values of the cosmos, naturally these fossils jewels can beings relatively and strongly charged in fundamental energies, since in more, these stones are directly resulting from the Life.You will find on Algæm exceptional creations, giving new “life” to the stones of life.

So, my artistic pieces are made from this real fossils, dated (1)  about 164 million years (164 million). The life of another major time.

Which fossils?

These fossils worked in jewelry pendants by Algaem are all marine, mainly prehistoric oysters and bivalve shells. The initial mother-of-pearl forming part of the piece sometimes gives a nuanced plume, which makes it an originality compared to other prehistoric fossils of a more classical mineral composition.

For information these fossils are not extracted in areas prone or weakened by corrosion, but picked respectfully without degradation, without digging or any extraction, but just sometimes in hard to reach areas. I bring a particular respect to these pieces, coming from the Life near its origin several million years ago.

What energy?

Through the passage of time, and also by the strong symbolism of the mastery of time by the living and the elementals, their development by wearing them will certainly emanate a generous energy beneficial,

In addition to their original beauty, without really speaking lithotherapy, because of their temporal symbolism linked to space, Earth and Nature, these jewels or objects can be propitious in spiritual support, meditation or ritual. Depending on the chosen your object, the affinity and respect you bring to these beings from another time, you will probably be enriched and recompensed by a great spiritual sensitivity.


Working by hand, these fossil stones are made one by one. The jewelry pendants and other Algaem creations are all unique pieces, so there is no stock on a model.

By the pressure of the rocks, the hardness of the material of these fossilized shells allowed them to cross the epochs of cosmic times, so the drilling is done by diamond tools.

In order to stay 100% natural, the mount has no metal, the cord is pure cowhide. For a choose Vegan algaem popose a waxed cotton lace or natural hemp end.

To complete the beauty and spiritual value of the jewels, without being too shiny as modern jewels, the pieces were mainly worked, eroded & polished naturally by time, at the spatial scale (no polishing machine). Some pieces are sometimes eroded naturally, purified to the heart of the fossil, some one in small fragment pearlescent.

Selected and oriented in an artistic and aesthetic way, they are rare and unique pieces.


There is no special maintenance.
If you dropped your jewel in the oil of french fries, do not use any chemical product. Only basic Marseille soap and water are to be used. Despite the usual resistance of these fossils of shells, these jewels are relatively valuable and are generally stronger than traditional jewelry but more fragile than stones.
The more you wear your jewel, themore beautiful and bright they will be!


The classification of the cretion jewels on my site Algæm is organized according to an indicative ratio between the weight and the size and the time of work in studio.

– (1) The dating corresponds to the Callovian stratigraphic stage, therefore before the Cretaceous period, between -166.1 ± 1.2 and -163.5 ± 1.0 million years.

Kooalia, Nicolas Reznikoff