c1-1809-en Sjøhasselnøtt

“Big hazelnut of the seas ”
Stone of the Living, with two shades and reflections, two faces two colors.
Fine and light, but with a generous dimension approx. 53 x 60mm. Sculpture by time and the sea: its texture is soft and smooth. she’s very easy to wear

This jewel looks like a big hazelnut, or an frozen chestnut. it remains an enigma.



A note recently discovered on a fossil Euharamiyidians (ancestor of the squirrel) dated 160 million years (Ref: scientific journal Nature). This discovery caused significant changes in the dating of the first mammals, increased to 208 million (at the end of the Triasà).

Additional information

Weight 26 g
Dimensions 52 × 60 × 6 mm