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The idea of this project came to me quite by chance, during a nature walk this summer with my 4 year old daughter.
Truly it was not me who had the idea of the project, but that day: the prehistoric fossils came to me in remarkable numbers and gave me the idea.
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Chlorophytum, The Depolluting Plant

Named also Phalangère or Spider Plant, this plant improves the quality of indoor air, one of the most depolluting plants.

The soup with chemical pollutants usually found in homes”

Origin of toxic
Pathological disorders and symptoms noted
Decontamination of ambient air by plants
Main toxic pollutants absorbed and cleaned up by the Chlorophytum plant
Condition of life of the Chlorophytum plant
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Our houses have become hermetic. In addition to increasing the composition of industrial materials, for technical reasons we limit the direct air exchange with the outside, which has the effect of increasing the concentration of toxic substances inside the habitat. All studies show today that indoor air is much more polluted than outdoor air, simply because it comes from the outside base, to which is added the confinement of many domestic toxic substances.

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Algæm and are the result of personal, creative, experimental and individual artistic research. It is not a company or a business enterprise.

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